Can You Have a Social Life While at Medical School?

Medical school is stereotyped as academic pressure cookers. While that is true for the most part, it only tells one part of the story. Regardless of how pressured you are in your studies, there will always be a time for socializing. There is a mixed population of individuals and the social environment itself can be varied. Groups of students can differ from single to married people and from young college graduates to corporate employees. These groups of people add a little dynamic to the social environment of medical school.

Married students can go out as couples in social gatherings like dinner parties, potluck events or out-of town sprees. Single students, on the other hand, can mingle just like they do in college. There is wider diversity here because a number of single students can be more serious than others and would not have the same level of socializing they usually do in college. Students, fresh out of college, can be more expected to engage in college-like socializing like going to bars and sports events. Older single students, however, will probably involve themselves in a tamer situation.

You can have a social life in medical school but it still depends on the crowd you are in and the location the school. Your range of socializing options can totally depend on the location, being in the big city is far different from a school located in a remote part of town. There are a lot of social options available if your school is in the middle of the city. Another key element that impacts the socialization elements of students in medical school is the presence of student groups. Many student groups offer a lot of socializing activities. If you have the right blend of student groups then you might find medical school to be a lively hotbed of social activity.

Let’s be frank for a minute. The truth is some people who apply to medical school don’t really see it as an extension of college. A lot of things they enjoyed in college are discontinued once they begin medical school. This may not be true for all medical students but it is a certainty for many. Your priorities and focus is different. Your personal values can also be poles apart. But yes, socialization in different forms is still possible and still very likely in medical school.