Become A Better Student By Discovering Your Learning Style

A learning style relates to the way or method in which you learn best. The well-known academic specialists from Essaywanted are convinced that there are many different types of styles, but finding the one that suits you will ensure that you get an optimum learning experience.

It’s a good idea to explore the various learning styles, in particular visual, oral and logical approaches, by looking at the characteristics of each with the aim of helping you to choose your learning style. Sometimes people find that they have a couple of favourites but will mostly have a preference for one style over others. Identifying your learning style can help you to exploit materials which will contribute to a positive learning outcome.

It is important to discover which style you prefer to achieve maximum learning potential. By being able to distinguish your preferred style you can ensure that you process information in the best possible way, apply your knowledge well and recall facts quickly.


People who like to learn through watching or through the aid of pictures, charts and diagrams can be described as visual learners. They appreciate the use of graphic portrayals in the classroom and will find that they learn best by having a visual representation. If this accurately describes your preference then this can be said to be your preferred learning style. You learn best by avidly watching demonstrations and seeing others show how things should be done. Looking at images and materials such as graphs are equally important cues for visual learners.

To make the most of this learning style, school furniture manufacturers supply boards for teachers to write and draw on. Learners are encouraged to draw their own diagrams and label self-drawn pictures and make good use of materials such as flash cards. These tools can help to significantly improve the absorption of information and are useful for making this type of learner remember and recall important features or facts.


Oral learning describes a style in which learners find it best to use words to learn, whether spoken or written down. Usually keen readers, learners who are adept in this style of learning find they communicate best through writing and talking. They may enjoy using long and complex terms and also are keen to learn new words and expand their vocabulary. A characteristic of this learning style is making notes and referring to these notes when revising. Oral learners find it more beneficial to read material or listen to others.


Logical learners thrive in a learning environment where they are able to rationalise information or processes internally. Thinking things through logically in their own time is the way these learners learn best. Logical learners are often very good with numbers and can identify patterns and sequences that others cannot. These learners do best by working through problems in a highly structured and systematic way.

There are different styles of learning with varying characteristics. Knowing what sort of a learner you are can help you to use the best processes to learn effectively.